The state of AI in 2018

Where is AI heading and what are the hurdles? Insights into AI from experts at C2 Montreal.

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Embracing change in the new economy: Lessons from AccorHotels CEO Sébastien Bazin 

A five-star leader reveals how he turned a disrupted old-economy company into an agile disrupter in the digital age.

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The 100-day trick for improved employee engagement

Learn from former Cirque du Soleil chief talent officer how to put employees at the centre of HR  – and build strong, trust-based relationships.

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Calls to action: Chelsea Manning speaks at C2 Montréal

Whistleblower and activist Chelsea Manning highlights the ways in which you are your own greatest change agent.

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10 steps from Rent-A-Minority’s Arwa Mahdawi to (actually) make diversity happen

Reframing how we think about diversity for company culture, the bottom line and, ultimately, survival.

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Becoming a chronic entrepreneur: Lessons from Snoop Dogg and Ted Chung at C2 Montréal 

The two long-time business partners on cannabis commerce, what reform really means and making marijuana magic.

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Under the influence: BEworks Behavioural scientist Dan Ariely on how to change minds

Reduce friction, add fuel – a two-step approach to influencing decision-making behaviour.

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Meet Sarah Khan: The People of C2

Sarah Khan, Executive Assistant to CEO Asia Pacific at C2, reveals why she’s excited about what C2 offers participants in Melbourne.

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Create a content strategy, not just content

Having an effective content strategy is not an option – it’s essential to ensure your content is delivered with maximum impact.

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Meet Alexandre Haarman: The People Of C2

Meet Alexandre Haarman, Director of Content Programming for C2 Melbourne and hear the thinking behind the programming of C2 Melbourne.

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