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David Rose
David Rose
Vice President of Vision Technology, Warby Parker
  • Had work featured at the Museum of Modern Art’s Talk to Me exhibition (2011)
  • Medical Design Excellence Award for the conception and development of the first cellular-connected pill cap, GlowCap (2010)
Inventor of enchanted objects
Ecosystem: Technology

David Rose’s many titles – VP of Vision Tech at Warby Parker; visiting scientist at the Tangible Media Lab at MIT; author of Enchanted Objects: Design, Human Desire, and the Internet of Things – only begin to hint at the scope of his work. An inventor, serial entrepreneur, scientist, writer, teacher and all-around divergent thinker, his achievements transcend consumer categories. David holds patents for developments related to photo sharing, medical devices, ambient information displays and interactive television. He’s built companies that have reimagined medication packaging (Vitality), connected lamps and umbrellas to the internet (Ambient Devices) and analyzed social media photos for brands (Ditto Labs). His work has been covered by Wired, The Economist, The Colbert Report and The Daily Show. At MIT, where he lectures on tangible user interfaces, he continues to study the powerful possibilities of the Internet of Things.

“Objects are now avatars for services.”