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Noah Raford
Dr. Noah Raford
Chief Operating Officer, Dubai Future Foundation
  • Member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Senior Research Fellow at the London School of Economics
  • Co-author of the books Warlords, Inc. and The Future We Deserve
Applied futurist
Ecosystem: Technology
Complexity and collapse, volatility and transition – these will be the defining themes in the immediate years to come, says Dr. Noah Raford. COO of the Dubai Future Foundation, and a former advisor on futures, foresight and innovation in the UAE Prime Minister’s Office, Noah believes that adapting to the uncertainties facing society requires a re-orientation of strategic goals and the methods we use to accomplish them. Bringing 21st century approaches to 21st century challenges, he advocates harnessing the power of emerging technologies and targeted partnerships to enable new, “future-ready” solutions in strategic sectors such as education, energy, finance and manufacturing. Noah helped establish Dubai’s first national foresight unit and is part of a team that identifies emerging opportunities, develops strategic partnerships and prototypes future initiatives for the Government of Dubai. Recent projects have included The Dubai Global Blockchain Council, The Dubai Self-Driving Vehicle Strategy and the Office of the Future, the world’s first fully functional 3D-printed building. He also acts as Creative Director for the Museum of the Future, opening in Dubai in 2019.
“Classical strategic planning is based upon the assumption of a slowly changing future. That assumption is wrong.”
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