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Lakshmi Pratury
Lakshmi Pratury
Founder and CEO, INK
  • Director of the SingularityU India Summit
  • Named an “Inspirational Icon” at the Audi Ritz Awards (2015)
  • Named one of Forbes’ “Women to Watch in Asia” (2010)
People collector and storyteller
Ecosystem: Impact

A self-described “people collector,” it stands to reason that entrepreneur and curator Lakshmi Pratury would also be an expert on the role of storytelling. A student of the human condition, Lakshmi is the driving force behind INK, India’s foremost platform for the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and inspiring stories. She addresses the vital function of stories in family, business and institutions, and their changing expression in the digital world. Her long experience in this area – Lakshmi spent two decades in leading roles in U.S. technology, venture capital and nonprofit industries – dates back to her years at Intel, where she witnessed the power of storytelling that transformed the IT giant from a chip company to a leader in the computing industry. Her education across disciplines – mathematics, management, creative writing and theatre – continues to catalyze a career that spans corporate, social and media ventures.

“The ability to amalgamate technology and people to build on existing innovations is the core of exponential innovation”
Lakshmi in Business World