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Paul Bennetts
Paul Bennetts
Co-Founder and CEO, Spaceship
  • Spaceship named “Emerging FinTech Organisation of the Year” at The Finnies (2017)
  • There are more than 22,000 potential investors on Spaceship’s waiting list
Funder of the future
Ecosystem: Impact

As Planet Earth hurtles ever-onward through the heavens, Paul Bennetts’ Spaceship has the plans, and the propulsion, to keep up. Spaceship is turning the archaic superannuation industry on its head with the founding of a retirement fund geared towards millennials. Rather than invest in the companies of the past, it invests in where the world is going, so a focus on technology companies – such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon – is at the core of Spaceship’s portfolio. Paul started his professional career at Goldman Sachs before managing the $500 million Tulla Group, eventually becoming a Venture Partner for Airtree Ventures, a $250m VC fund. It was then that he began to take an interest in his super, and after finding it lacking in both investment and engagement, decided to take the bull by the horns. Now, with Spaceship, Paul is showing how slow, highly-regulated markets can be radically reinvented through technology and the intervention of nimble startups.

“Our generation is deeply engaged with the food we eat. We want to know if it’s GMO, organic, paleo. But what’s in our superannuation?”