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Holly Ransom
Holly Ransom 
  • One of Sir Richard Branson’s dream dinner guests
  • Co-chair of the UN Global Coalition of Young Women Entrepreneurs
  • Named one of Australia’s “100 Most Influential Women” by Westpac and the AFR (2012)
Next-generation executive 
Ecosystem: Leadership
Consultant and change leader Holly Ransom is the “non-executive director” of Emergent, a global company based in Australia that specialises in marketing to millennials and developing public policy outcomes for young people. Prime Minister Tony Abbott appointed her as chair of the G20 Youth Summit in 2014, resulting in the first summit to secure its policy demands from G20 leaders. Holly also became the youngest-ever woman to be appointed to the board of an AFL football club, was the world’s youngest-ever Rotary president, and was a top 10 age group finisher in her most recent Ironman Endurance Triathlon. The 27-year-old is described as a “by-product of mixing systems thinking and pragmatism together, and leaving it to bake in the Australian sun.” Being real, being “all in,” and being bold are among Holly’s core values. “When you go, go big,” she says. The future is in great hands.
“Choice is more than the expression of an intention. It requires us to challenge the way we think, adapt the way we work and restructure our environment.”
Holly Ransom on
“I see a very different side of things. The stereotype is nowhere near accurate… I’ve worked all around the country and world, and I’m astounded by [Gen Y’s] passions and the aspirations they have”
“The big thing from my point of view is you’ve got to start somewhere and you’ve got to have a growth strategy”