9 podcasts to get you into the C2 mindset


C2 brings together commerce and creativity to explore trends, opportunities, disruptions and major shifts on the horizon. To help you get into a creative mindset, we’ve compiled a list of podcasts for easy listening. If you’re already a fan of podcasts and have other suggestions to share, please feel free to tweet them at us @C2Melbourne using the tag #C2PodcastClub.

1). The LEADx Show with Kevin Kruse (leadership/marketing and media)

The LEADx Show with Kevin Kruse lets you improve yourself 1% every day, and it only takes a few moments! When it comes to advice on life and leadership, Kevin Kruse interviews the best in their respective industries.

Recommended episode: “Want to Be Fascinating? Know Your Own Brand,” with Sally Hogshead. This episode explores how you can capture an audience and influence behaviours. Find out how this is done.

2). Download This Show (technology/marketing and media)

This series takes a look at the latest technology, social media influences, consumer electronics and anything to do with digital culture. Marc Fennell is your host as he dives into these topics with his chosen panel of guests.

Recommended episode: “Shopping for Medicare Numbers on the Darknet.” This episode explores what the darknet consists of, and how it’s impacting Medicare. Marc Fennell sits down with founder and CEO of Whooshkaa, Rob Loewenthal, to examine this topic in-depth.

3). Design Details (art and design)

Hosted by Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin, Design Details brings those who are responsible for designing our world into the spotlight. That includes product designs ranging from labels to games and virtual reality. Guests have included Max Schoening from Google, Helen Tran from Shopify and Jenny Johannesson, who has previously worked with DDB, just to name a few.

Recommended episode: “Happy Online Darkness (ft. Morgane Santos).” Morgane Santos sits down with the hosts Brian Lovin and Bryn Jackson as they immerse themselves in the development of game building, learning about Virtual Reality and the transition from programming into design.

4). Sisteria Podcast (art and design/leadership)

As the name suggests, Sisteria focuses on the lived experiences of women, both as art creators and consumers. Hosts Steph van Schilt and Veronica Sullivan touch on topics ranging from switching careers to hip-hop, poetry, politics and more while examining how these topics (and others) intersect. Izzy Roberts-Orr produces the series.

Recommended episode: Julie Koy. The Sydney-based writer sits down with Sisteria and discusses her transition between careers, and how to better impact the world.

5). The Business Experiment (media and marketing/impact/leadership)

Jemimah Ashleigh and Shevonne Joyce are two savvy business women living in Australia who take you on an adventure to better understand the good, bad and utterly ugly sides of business. This is your place to get real information from inside the business world and obtain valuable advice you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Recommended episode: “What Separates the Wantrepreneurs from the Entrepreneurs?” Do you want to rocket forward, or is something stifling your business? Do you spend time self-reflecting on your goals while investing in your future growth? This episode examines the partition between ‘wantrepreneurs’ and ‘entrepreneurs,’ and why it’s important to make the difference.

6). The Real Thing (impact)

Finding authenticity is difficult, but oh-so-rewarding when found. The Real Thing focuses on just that: the real things in life, specifically in Australia. This podcast unravels the complexity of Australian identities and tells their raw, uncensored stories.

Recommended episode: “Rage Til You Puke.” What is Rage and how did it gain such an influential role in Australian homes. This episode explains the past 30 years of Rage making its way into your living room and impacting Australia’s psyche.

7). Reckoner (technology)

James Croft and Peter Wells are Australian podcasters who have one key objective in mind: exploring how the new technology that people hold close to their hearts is impacting their everyday lives.

Recommended episode: “An Interview with Velvet Wi-Fi Founder: David Poxon.” Reckoner hosts get the chance to interview the founder of Velvet Wi-Fi, the internet’s answer to Uber. Find out what that means during the episode.

8). Sleek Geeks (impact)

Famed personalities Dr. Karl and Adam Spencer attempt to grapple with the scientific mysteries of the everyday. With the motto “Learn something without even noticing,” sit back and have a laugh while listening to two of Australia’s favourite internet sensations answer the questions you haven’t even asked yet.

Recommended episode: “Interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson”… Because it’s Neil deGrasse Tyson. Do you need any more of a reason to listen?

9). Lean Startup Co. (leadership)

Lean Startup Co. aims to tell the stories of interesting startups from around the world. They explore the lessons learned from those who are running or have run their own business while emphasizing that passion is equal to, if not more important than, your capital.

Recommended episode: “How Farmgirl Flowers & Meeteor Launched Their Lean Startups.” Christina Stembel tells her startup story, explaining how she grew her business of artistically arranged flowers from a bike delivery service, into a national destination for on-demand bouquets. Plus, who doesn’t like flowers?