Inspiring and thought provoking talks

Inspiration from the world's top leaders

We find inspiration in the stories of those who have managed to flip an issue on its head and achieve positive change. Based on an overarching theme, C2 curates these stories and invites leaders across fields and sectors to share them with us.


Turning words into action

Inspiration is only the first step towards getting things done. After their talk, speakers step off the stage and into masterclasses, where participants work in small interdisciplinary groups to dig deeper into the content, try out new methodologies, and turn challenges into solutions.

Hands-on workshops

Digging deeper into ideas

The workshops are where participants explore case studies and prototyping methodologies they can use to transform the way they tackle challenges back at the office. Held in smaller groups than masterclasses, the participants are able to connect with their peers and forge new relationships as they work on the issue at hand.

C2 Lab

Immersive brainstorming

At the intersection of arts, humanities and social sciences, Labs are atypical brainstorming environments designed to take participants out of their usual frame of reference. Each Lab experience is designed as a metaphor for a business challenge (risk, uncertainty, talent, etc.) and challenges senses (sight, height, risk, noise saturation). The result: new ideas from shifted perceptions.

Curated one-on-ones

Meeting the right people

Through digital platforms and onsite matchmaking, participants connect with individuals they wouldn’t have otherwise met. These meet-ups can lead to specific learnings as well as new business opportunities.

An imaginarium to discover

Leaving your bias at the door

The space design is meant to create a break with reality, with hidden structures, art installations and an intricate attention to detail. Participants will be transported into a world that will re-energise them and constantly challenge their perceptions.

Artistic performances

Expecting the unexpected

An important part of the energy comes from live performances – some announced, some unexpected – punctuate the event, sparking conversations and leaving participants wondering what will come next.

Showcasing local talent

Shining a light on the city’s best and brightest

Participants are invited to connect on a whole other level through a series of spectacle-filled evenings showcasing renowned and promising local artists and performers.

Art & technology exhibits

Exploring the intersection of art and business

To demonstrate the creative links between industry, technology and culture, the environment features carefully curated works by some of the most cutting edge innovators and tech projects from around the world.