Inspiring talks

Big and small ideas from the world's top innovators

We find inspiration in the stories of those who have managed to flip an issue on its head and achieve positive change. Each year, based on an overarching theme, C2 curates these stories and invites innovators from across diverse fields and sectors to share them with us in a multimedia stage environment designed to yield collective “ah-ha!” moments.

Mind-shifting labs

Unique brainstorming activities

Where do you get your best ideas? At the office, in the shower, or suspended in a net high above above the ground? C2 labs offer atypical brainstorming environments designed to propel participants out of their usual frame of reference.

Working sessions

Getting your hands dirty

Inspiration is only the first step towards getting things done. C2 brings together talented creatives, young entrepreneurs and high-level executives across industries, disciplines and countries. A broad variety of hands-on sessions encourage the collision of ideas and approaches. Together, participants examine case studies, experience new processes and prototype creative solutions to real business problems.

Curated one-on-ones

Meeting the right people

C2 gathers some of the most innovative people from around the world. When you’re in such good company, you could potentially learn more from the person sitting right next to you than from the person on stage. Online and offline connection mechanisms help participants find their match and plan “braindates,” conceived by peer-learning pioneers e180.

Every element of the event is also designed to maximize meaningful connection opportunities that appeal to all participants, from shy introverts to avid hand-shakers.

Entrepreneur programs

Discovering – or becoming – the next big thing

By creating an even playing field for both incumbents and up-and-comers, C2 provides a glimpse at cutting-edge technology and business models while encouraging the growth of emerging leaders.

A whole new village to explore

Going down the rabbit hole

At its core, C2 engineers spaces for creative answers to emerge, the perfect playground for decision-makers and creative minds to take a step back and challenge their own assumptions. We design the C2 environment as a space where curiosity is the norm, where risk is encouraged, where being bold is celebrated and where anything can happen.

Artistic performances

Expecting the unexpected

C2 is a platform for unusual collaborations, a place of contrasts and collisions. Live performances – some announced, some not – punctuate the event, sparking conversations and leaving participants wondering what will come next.

Memorable festivities

Celebrating our successes and failures

Participants are invited to connect on a whole other level through a series of spectacle-filled evenings showcasing leading international and promising local artists and performers. C2 festivities have involved the world-renowned talents of Cirque du Soleil, Moment Factory, Moby, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and Win Butler of Arcade Fire.

Art and technology exhibits

Exploring the intersection of art and business

To demonstrate the creative links between industry, technology and culture, C2 carefully curates the work of some of the most cutting-edge innovators and tech projects from around the world.